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Please read the important article about pet nutrition from Tufts University by clicking on the link below.

Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients

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Our Pet Clinic Location

1324 17th Ave West 

Bradenton FL 34205

Our promise to you - Excellence

Dr. Laurel Logas, Chief of Stff

“We will provide loving,

state-of-the-art medical care
for your pet and we will
pamper you with our
responsive, personalized
client service.”









Dr. Laurel Logas

Chief of Staff

The promise of things to come is here!

The new dog boarding facility for Bradenton Veterinary Hospital, which is a hospital and a clinic in one - also known as a medical center

The new hospital better reflects the
state-of-the-art medicine practiced at
Bradenton Veterinary Hospital and our
commitment to great client service.

Bradenton's best veterinary practice has an excellent and beautiful facility. Are you new to Bradenton? Ask us for a meet and greet tour. Bring your dog and meet the staff and one of the doctors. Your dog will receive treats and lots of loving!

Our reception team is friendly and knowlegeable about dog and cat care.

Drop in for a little Bradenton hospitality.

What our clients are saying about our veterinarians & medical clinic:

"The staff is great and the doctors are the best. They are there when you need them and I would recommend them to anyone." - Joanna C. F.

"This was Milo's first visit. He was not scared at all. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. The vet was gentle and caring..." J. Lobo

"I always have a great experience here. The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. 5 stars all the way." - G.U.

About Us

Bradenton Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1947 by Dr. Walter France as Bradenton Small Animal Hospital. Dr. France, who was a World War I veteran, started the practice near the close of the second war to end all wars. Initially Bradenton Small Animal Hospital was a mixed animal practice. Dr. France sold the practice to Dr. Clair Butler in 1957.


Dr. Butler steered the practice for the next 54 years! Later in his career, Dr. Butler saw a growing need to care for pets. After limiting the practice to pet care, he quickly needed to add an addition to the building. Under Dr. Butler’s guidance Bradenton Small Animal Hospital became one of the busiest practices in the Bradenton area.


In 2011 he sold the practice to Dr. Laurel Logas. Dr. Logas modernized the medical care introducing digital full body and digital dental radiology (x-ray), ultrasound, incorporating pain management, adding a modern laboratory and computers to the practice. She brought modern dentistry to the practice. Dr. Logas changed the name to Bradenton Veterinary Hospital (BVH) in 2011 with the understanding that most people who love pets no longer called them animals. Instead, they consider pets as part of their family. Dr. Logas rehabbed the original facility while preparing to build a new larger one to better serve pets and their owners. In July 2014 Dr. Logas broke ground on the new facility. On December 21, 2015 the practice moved into a new 8,700 square foot facility. We have a two station surgery suite and a dedicated dental suite. We have a larger waiting area to keep clients comfortable and six exam rooms. Because we usually have three or four doctors working each day, the wait times for walk-ins have been greatly reduced from the days when Dr. Butler owned the practice. In 2014 Dr. Logas directed the practice to begin seeing appointments. Under Dr. Logas' guidance the practice has grown from two veterinarians to four.

Cat Friendly!

On June 5, 2017 the American Association for Feline Practitioners certified our practice as a Cat Friendly Practice. To our knowledge BVH is the only certified Cat Friendly Practice in Bradenton! We are trained to not only provide the best medical care for your cats but we also are experts at reducing the stress on your feline friends caused by a trip to their doctor. The new facility has separate waiting areas for dogs and cats! We have an exam room that is dedicated to only seeing cats to reduce the scents from dogs. Likewise, we have a separate hospital ward and boarding area for cats. We use feline facial pheromones to help reduce cats' anxiety levels.

Of Course, We Love Dogs!

Of course we still love dogs. Our doctors have seven dogs. We will be selling products such as collars, leashes, harnesses, toys and training aids for dogs. We are experts in helping you with dog training issues and behavior issues.

Pets We Treat!

We treat most kinds of pets, except primates. We would love to be the doctor for your dog, cat, bird, ferret, rabbit, hamster, Guinea Pig, mouse, rat, chinchilla, snake, iguana, sugar glider, turtle, tortoise or whoever you love because we love pets, too! We are a hospital and clinic under one roof - a medical center. We perform examinations, vaccinations, spays and neuters.

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